Events are at the core of RiverForms.  All forms reside within Events.  To create an Event, simply go to "My Events" or click on "Create new Event" right from the Dashboard.

Title:  Enter the title for your event.  This title will be used in Invitation emails.

Event Date:  Enter the start date for the event.  

Category:  Just for organization purposes, all events are assigned a category.  

Maximum Allowed Participants:  Establish whether you would like to place a cap on event registrations for an event.  Leave all the way left for UNLIMITED

Invite Only:  This is if you want the event to remain private and only be shown to those specifically invited.  

Auto Join: By enabling this field and entering a minimum birth date, any participant that meets that minimum age, will automatically be joined to this event.

Event Fee:  The Fee for this particular event.  

Instructions: Provide any level of instructions you like.  As little or as much as you want.  You can include rich text, images, video...etc.  

Banner:  Everything looks better with a picture.  Though optional, it is recommended you include a banner of some sort for your event.  Banners are ideally wide images and only a couple hundred pixel tall.  Recommended dimensions would be roughly 900x300