There are 3 types of forms within RiverForms.  They are as follows.

  1. Standard Form:  The main form type.  This form type is for any normal form that is fully accessible by anyone in the event.
  2. Admin Form:  This type of form is when you create a form where only the Admin can see and use the form.  The User will never see this form.  An example usage of an admin form would be when the admin wants to track information or details about the participant but does not need/want the user to see the information.  
  3. Staff Form:  This is a form where the user CAN see the form but it is read only and they can not submit the any changes to the form.  A example usage of this form would be when the admin has to manage the receipt of certain documents or forms.  They would then check off that the end user has turned in the forms or documents and the end user would be able to see it in their form status that it has been received.